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Read What our top achievers and students say about our program

Read how our Maths, English and Science Tutoring Wiz has helped our students achieve their dreams whether it be to have more opportunities in life or enter professional courses like Medicine, Law or Commerce.

Top Marks

“For each subject, after a topic was completed in class, I would use the program to build and deepen my understanding of each topic. The software was very easy to use and follow. Overall, I found the software to be equivalent to a personal tutor for me to turn to in order to reinforce my learning and as a practice before SACS. I managed to attain not only a high ENTER score, but a deep feeling of satisfaction in that I had done my best and had gone beyond my limits. I am very thankful that I had Kinetic Education to help me in those important topics”.  – Sherry, Commerce/Law ENTER Score 99.1

“The ‘Kinetic’ program assisted me with school and was easy to use. I found that what I had learned at school was reinforced with the lessons in the program when I got back home. It allows you to review any subject at home so you can be sure you understand it. I liked the fact that it allowed me to prepare for outcomes and exams. It made me feel confident in that I felt I covered every aspect of the course”.  -Ingrid 2006, Dental Health, ENTER score 94.45

“I used Kinetic Education ‘VCE Maths Methods’ to consolidate the work that I had learnt. It was really good for filling in the blanks which I hadn’t understood before – because the program explained in a different way, which I could understand better. The Chemistry program was really helpful for finding clear explanations about the things we needed to know, instead of having to read through the text-book to try and find the relevant bits”.  – Hemal, Dentistry, ENTER Score 99.45

“I used the ‘Kinetic Education’ programs for Mathematical Methods during Year 11 and 12. They were great! Not only were there heaps of exam type examples, but also the program offered step-by-step solutions, which were easy to follow and made you feel as if a teacher was right there with you explaining the questions. And if I still couldn’t understand, there was always the option to call one of many tutors that ‘Personal Tutor’ have operating after school. Furthermore, ‘Kinetic Education’ allowed me to constantly test myself and keep track of my improvement. Through consistent use of the program, I was able to achieve a raw study score of 49!  Thank you.”  – Premal, Pharmacy, ENTER Score 98.8

Testimonials for the Kinetics Program

“Ben has enjoyed using this package and it has helped him quite significantly in both homework and exams”.  – Mrs Frost, Mother of Year 8 student, Victoria.

“The program was a help because it allowed for the practice of coursework in a way that enabled the identification of weak areas of knowledge and the strengthening of those areas. It also gave another angle at which to view the information studied and hence improve explanations when answering questions”.  – Jenny, Medicine, Tertiary Entrance Score 99.8