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1. A remedial Program for Struggling kids

2. For Setting homework

3. A Revision tool

The key difference between our Home Program and School Program is

Home Program  School Program
Tutoring Yes No
Setting Home Work No Yes
Weekly Lesson Plan Yes Yes
Bonus Points Yes No
Diagnostic Assessment Yes Yes
Teacher Administration No Yes

We can provide our Program for a specific number of students in school or for the whole school.

The minimum purchase is – 50 licenses.

Prices differ for lots of 50, 100- 499, and over 500.


In certain cases, we are able to provide a 3 month trial. Send us an enquiry if you are interested.

A Trials can be set up for One class, An entire Grade or selected students up to 100.


Our program is a web based Maths and English program from kindy to year 12 and follows the Australian curriculum.

Three levels of log-ins can be created

  • Administrator –  Creates classes attaches students and teachers to classes and creates log ins for everyone.
  • Teacher – Sets homework and teaches lessons
  • Students- revise lessons and do classwork/homework. Are able to switch to any level.

Students can access the system between 9 am and 5 pm. Teachers can access the system at any time. Each lesson is followed by questions which can be attempted by the students.

We will Provide:

  • Installation Guides and Technical support to install the software.
  • Training – We will train one teacher to use the program effectively and assist your technical/IT team in installing the program.
  • Updates – Updates to lessons and software.
Use the enquiry form on the top right side of this page to enquire about this program.

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1. For free demo
2. For a three month trial.

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