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Features and Benefits of our Maths and English Program

Maths Doctor Assessment Accelerated Progress/Improvement

  • Students Focus on filling knowledge gaps leading to accelerated improvement.
  • Identifies knowledge gaps from current grade down to kindergarten.


Flexibility for students to move to lower levels and/or higher levels/grades Build a Solid Foundation

  • Students are able to move to lower levels to fill gaps and build a solid foundation or higher levels to extend themselves
  • Allows students to obtain one-to-one tutoring from home
  • Ideal for remote areas
  • 10 hours tutoring for each child in the family
  • Ability to have short 15 minute sessions or sessions at times convenient to you
Homework/Assignment Support
  • Help with difficult problems typical in selective exams
  • One-to-one help with English essays
Accelerated Learning
  • What you learn in 45 minutes face-to-face can be learnt in 15 minutes through our program
  • Great for children with attention deficiency
Questions come from a Random Pool
  • Majority of questions change every time you log in so students can revise several times and commit to long term memory
Step by step solutions for complex problems
  • Students can learn how to solve complex problems using our step by step solution feature.
Audio questions for grades 1 to 4
  • Smaller kids who cannot read can attempt questions by hearing the audio questions
Extension track from grade 1 to grade 6
  • Students wanting to extend themselves can use our extension stream which consists of harder more
    complex questions.
NAPLAN preparation and sample questions
  • Kids in years 3,5,7 and 9 can study for their NAPLAN exam by revising sample NAPLAN tests
Weekly Lesson Plan
  • Individualised 90 Minute Weekly Lesson Plan to fill gaps
  • Starts at the lowest point where gaps appear
Reports for Parents
  • Parents receive weekly reports on their kids usage/performance
Free Upgrades/Updates/Curriculum Changes
  • Helps the student stay current with lessons in the long term
Cost Effective
  • One Price for the whole family
  • Affordable monthly instalments
  • Priced less than tutoring
Lessons and videos which teach step by step
  • Students are able to understand lessons just by listening to the audios/videos
Bonus Points to keep students interested
  • Students earn bonus points when they complete weekly Lesson Plans
  • The more they do more Bonus points they earn
  • These points can be used to buy toys, games etc