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maths doctor

The Maths Doctor is an online diagnostic tool that pinpoints exactly what your childrenknow and diagnoseswhat your children do not know

Maths Doctor is an online diagnostic tool which uses artificial intelligence to identify a student’s knowledge gaps from current grade down to kindergarten.

However if the student performs above 80% in their current grade, they will be assessed 2 grades higher than current grade.

The Maths Doctor Artificial Intelligence engine will present each student with a unique set of questions which is individualised to each student based on their response to questions.

If John is in Year 8, Maths Doctor will assess them from year 8 to kindergarten. If John achieves above 80% in their current year, maths doctor will asses them in year 9 and 10 as well.

Two students from the same class undertaking the assessment simultaneously will find the software providing different questions to each student based on their answers.

  1. A “Brick Wall of Learning” report showing the knowledge gaps in the 4 grades as a percentage
  2. Within each grade it provides a graphical representation of gaps within each unit of study
  3. 3.Provides a comprehensive list of all knowledge gaps.

Advantage Of Maths Doctor

  • Students Focus on filling knowledge gaps leading to accelerated improvement.
  • Students focus on filling clearly identified knowledge gaps rather than working through every single subject  – So progress is accelerated and achieved in a shorter duration.
  • Ability to move to lower levels on Maths and English Wiz to fill gaps ensures students have a solid foundation and deep understanding of the subject rather than a superficial understanding.