Maths Doctor

The Maths Doctor is an online diagnostic tool that pinpoints exactly what your children know and diagnoses what your children do not know.

tutoring-wiz-maths-doctorMaths Doctor is an online diagnostic tool which uses artificial intelligence to identify a student’s knowledge gap four grades lower than current grade.

Two students from the same class undertaking the assessment simultaneously will find the software providing different questions to each student based on their answers.

For example, if John is in grade 5,  Maths Doctor will assess him with questions from Grade 5, 4, 3 and 2.

Three reports will be generated instantaneously on completion of the assessment(click on images to download sample reports):

    1. A “Brick Wall of Learning” report showing the knowledge gaps in the 4 grades as a percentage
    2. Within each grade it provides a graphical representation of gaps within each unit of study
    3. Provides a comprehensive list of all knowledge gaps.



Very often when a student struggles in their current grade,  we believe it is due to knowledge gaps in previous  grades. This is especially true for English and Maths which tend to build upon foundational lessons learnt in previous years. Therefore if a student is struggling –  tutoring in the current year will often not be effective . Once the Maths Doctor identifies gaps students are able to move to lower grades on the Maths and English Wiz to fill gaps. Students focus on clearly identified knowledge gaps rather than the hit and miss process of learning every single subject in the current year to improve,  which is  the process employed by a lot of tutoring institutions.

The three steps are repeated every year. When a student moves to a higher grade , they learn new lessons, new gaps appear – you identify these gaps typically in December before the long holidays – you then fill the gaps DURING the December/January holidays  before moving to a higher grade in January.


  • Identifies knowledge gaps comprehensively up to 4 grades lower than current grade – something not possible manually.
  • Students focus on filling clearly identified knowledge gaps rather than working through every single subject  – so progress is accelerated and happens in a shorter duration of time.
  • Ability to move to lower levels on Maths and English wiz to fill gaps ensures students have a solid foundation and deep understanding of the subject rather than a superficial understanding.