Maths and English Wiz Program

Our program consists of the following

tutoring-wiz-program1.     MATHS DOCTOR ASSESSMENT

  • Maths Doctor assessment uses artificial intelligence to identify knowledge gaps four grades lower than the current grade
  • Click here  to find out more about Maths Doctor.
  • Correlates to Maths Wiz and provides a 90 MINUTE weekly lesson plan to fill each of the knowledge gaps.


  • Online edition can be used anywhere in the globe
  • Maths and English – Preschool to Year 12
  • Science – Biology, Chemistry and Physics – Year 11 and 12
  • Program specific to each State/National Curriculum as required
  • Consists of 29,000 questions and 1,800 lessons
  • Detailed step by step video lessons with examples to explain concept followed by questions
  • Flexibility of moving forward to higher grades for extension work or below to lower grades to fill gaps
  • Kids can use the software 24/7
  • Each Lesson is followed by questions which are instantly corrected online
  • Different set of questions every time so that a student can revise up to 4 or 5 times
  • Step by step solution for complex problems to assist students to learn
  • Audio questions for pre-schoolers and Kindy kids who cannot read


  • The Maths Wiz analyses the knowledge gaps and generates a 90 minute Weekly Lesson Plan to fill gaps
  • Students access the Weekly Lesson Plan by logging in
  • Kids complete the Weekly Lesson Plan to achieve their goals – either remedial or extension work
  • Kids gain bonus points every time they complete the Weekly Lesson Plan on time or score high marks in their activities
  • Incomplete Activities from Weekly Lesson Plan are transferred to the following Week


  • Students earn bonus points when they complete Weekly Lesson Plans
  • More activities earn more bonus points
  • These points can be used to buy toys, online games , movie tickets etc which are found in the bonus chest
  • Bonus points  are an incentive to keep the kids interested in using the program on an ongoing basis

5.     REPORTS

  • Parents receive weekly reports of their kids achievement.
  • Parents can view the daily log report for each kid to monitor their kids usage.
  • Parents can view the Performance Report to view scores in each lesson and improvement over a period.
  • Maths Doctor report received instantaneously on completion of assessment gives details of knowledge gaps


  • If any of your kids do not improve after using our program for a minimum of 30 minutes 3 times a week for a year. We will return your money

How do we assess improvement ?

  • Our tutors monitor your kids’ performance by going over the weekly reports and scores and the Maths Doctor assessment reports
  • During enrolment a signed copy of the Money Back Guarantee is given to you


  • Our tutors are all experienced teachers who work with us in the evenings.

Tutoring Process

  • Tutoring time is between 5 pm to 7:30 pm EST. Mon to Thurs
  • Students connect with our tutors via a 1300 number provided
  • Tutors ask students to open the specific lesson to be taught and then tutor you one to one over the phone
  • Each child in your family can call on a separate phone at the same time to obtain tutoring sessions
  • Each child can avail up to 10 hours per week of tutoring sessions


  • Students email a first draft of their assignments or homework to our tutors through the email provided
  • Tutors review the draft and call you within 48 hours to discuss the assignment
  • This is especially useful for English essays, students wishing to sit for the selective school exam and practice difficult problems and struggling students who need assistance with homework


  • Parents are provided a 1800 free call to communicate with our tutors
  • This is especially useful for parents to understand how their kids are performing , to set/change goals and direction of the lesson plan


  • You can call our free 1800   technical support line any time and our expert technical team will assist you with any technical issue you may have. They will connect to your computer through remote software if required to resolve issues.


  • Once you enrol your kids we provide you all upgrades/updates free of charge. We normally upgrade our program 3 times a year to keep up to date with the current curriculum


  • Once you enrol your kids we provide face to face or online training for both parents and kids to ensure you use the program optimally

13.  COST

  • Once we do an assessment on your kids out Education Consultants will propose a tailor made program suited to each kids individual needs. We have over 35 different modules. Costs can vary from $ 30 to $ 55 a week for all your kids
  • You can also organise a one- time payment, or avail of our annual plans