Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits of the Kinetic Program



Maths Doctor Assessment Accelerated Progress/Improvement

  • Identifies knowledge gaps 4 grades lower than current grade.
  • Students have to only focus on the gaps leading to improvement in a short period of time.


Flexibility for students to move to lower levels and/or higher levels/grades Build a Solid Foundation

  • Students are able to move to lower levels to fill gaps and build a solid foundation or higher levels to extend themselves
  • Allows students to obtain one-to-one tutoring from home
  • Ideal for remote areas
  • 10 hours tutoring for each child in the family
  • Ability to have short 15 minute sessions or sessions at times convenient to you
Homework/Assignment Support
  • Help with difficult problems typical in selective exams
  • One-to-one help with English essays
Accelerated Learning
  • What you learn in 45 minutes face-to-face can be learnt in 15 minutes through our program
  • Great for children with attention deficiency
Questions come from a Random Pool
  • Students can revise several times and commit to long term memory
  • Majority of questions change every time you log in so students can revise several times and commit to long term memory
Step by step solutions for complex problems
  • Students can learn step by step how to solve difficult problems
Audio questions for grades 1 to 4
  • Smaller kids who cannot read can attempt questions by hearing the audio questions
Extension track from grade 1 to grade 6
  • Students preparing for the selective exam can revise the extension stream questions
NAPLAN preparation and sample questions
  • Kids in years 3,5,7 and 9 can study fopr their NAPLAN exam by revising sample NAPLAN tests given in our program
Weekly Lesson Plan
  • Individualised 90 Minute Weekly Lesson Plan to fill gaps
  • Starts at the lowest point where gaps appear
Reports for Parents
  • Parents receive weekly reports on their kids usage/performance
Free Upgrades/Updates/Curriculum Changes
  • Helps the student stay current with lessons in the long term
Cost Effective
  • One Price for the whole family
  • Affordable monthly instalments
  • Priced less than tutoring
Lessons and videos which teach step by step
  • Students are able to understand lessons just by listening to the audios/videos
Bonus Points to keep students interested
  • Students earn bonus points when they complete weekly Lesson Plans
  • The more they do more Bonus points they earn
  • These points can be used to buy toys, games etc



Overall, our process consists of the following steps.

Step 1 – ASSESS

Once your kids are enrolled, each of your kids take a 30 to 45 min online test on Maths Doctor.


Maths Doctor instantly generates 3 reports which are sent to your email immediately on  completion of the assessment. The reports give a detailed and comprehensive list of all knowledge gaps.    ( View sample ).


The knowledge gaps are now matched to the Maths and English Wiz program and  a weekly lesson plan is generated to fill gaps. All the student has to do is follow the weekly lesson plan. The lesson plan may suggest that the student starts at the lowest level where gaps are identified –  fill gaps , and subsequently  move to higher grades to fill foundational or knowledge gaps.


The three steps are repeated on an annual basis so that kids can fill new gaps that may appear in each higher grade. When a student moves to a higher grade , they learn new lessons , new gaps appear – you identify these gaps through Maths Doctor and fill them through the year with weekly Lesson Plans.