Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Program Suitable for gifted/talented children and for Selective School Exams?

Yes, Gifted and Talented students can use our Extension stream and Problem Solving Questions.
Revising these online questions will take about one fourth of the time it takes to revise by writing in a notebook.
Once Maths Doctor identifies a student as gifted and talented – weekly lessons will be provided in grades higher than the current year.

Is the program suitable for kids with learning difficulties.

Yes. The program uses Multisensory learning combining Audio, Video and Interactivity . Each lesson can be completed between 5 to 8 minutes. You can leave halfway through a lesson , comeback later and complete the questions. Multisensory learning and the short duration it takes to complete lessons make this highly attractive to young kids and kids with a short attention span.

What happens when lessons or the curriculum changes ?

Kinetic upgrades the program up to 3 times a year. We ensure that the curriculum is always current and up to date.

What is the cost of the program?

The Cost varies from $ 20 /Wk for 2 Kids to $ 36 / week for 2 kids depending on what grade you are currently studying.

How does the Tutoring work ?

Our tutors are all current teachers or bright students who achieved a high ATAR.

Tutoring time is between 5 pm to 7:30 pm EST. Mon to Thurs.

When students call a 1300 number tutors respond as soon as possible.

Lesson screens are shared online and students are tutored one to one.

Each child in your family can call on a separate phone at the same time to obtain tutoring sessions.

Each child can avail up to 10 hours per week of tutoring sessions.

How do we assess improvement ?

A second Maths Doctor conducted at the end of the year will clearly show improvements made between the first and second tests.

How do I install the program ?

There is no installation. The Kinetic program is an online program. All you need is your login details.

Will training be available on using the program?

When you enroll your kids we will conduct an online orientation session on how to effectively use the program.

Is the program used in Schools ?

We mainly focus on the home market.

Why have we not heard about the Maths and English Wiz?

We do not market our program through schools. Schools are a primary source of information for most parents. We currently have around 60,000 students using our program in Australia and 500,000 using our program around the world.

Where was the program developed?

The program was developed by Australian teachers for Australian Students

How do the Weekly Lesson plans work ?

Weekly lesson plans are of 90 minutes duration and students access them by logging into the program.

Incomplete lessons in a week are carried over to the following week.

Weekly Lessons start at the lowest grade where gaps appear.

Weekly Lessons start on Monday Morning and finish by 9 PM Sunday ( AEST).

What are Bonus Points? How do they work?

When a student completes weekly lesson plans on time and achieves high scores they obtain bonus points. These bonus points can be used to purchase games online or other items which get sent out to the student.