Tutoring for remote locations

  • Do you live in an area where tutoring is more than 30 Kms away?
  • Are you and your wife so busy with work that taking kids to tutoring is next to impossible?
  • Do you have more than 2 kids who need help and find tutoring costs prohibitive?

Our system is perfect for your situation!

Our system works in such a way that irrespective of your child living right in the heart of Melbourne where we are headquartered or a remote area you access the same level of service.


  1. Every one of your kids will be able to access a tutor on ONE TO ONE BASIS right from your living room.
  2. Each child can use up to 10 hours per week between 5 and 7.30 pm Monday to Thursday Sydney time.
  3. Each of your children can access a tutor simultaneously.
  4. No waiting period – our tutors respond immediately to your phone call.
  5. With our system – you access tutoring when you most need it – for any amount of time you want – and our tutors will cater to your individual specific need.
  6. Great for small kids and kids with short attention spans as they can get tutored for short periods of time.


Our Program is online and therefore will require very little technical help. However if you do need technical help you can call our free support line and our technical team will connect with your PC through remote software and resolve your issues.


Parents living in remote areas are able to easily communicate with our tutors through our free 1800 number so they can plan and discuss your kids’s issues and current performance. Any change of goals or achievement expectations like an oncoming selective school exam can be discussed and lesson plans assistance planned appropriately.


  1. Maths and English – Online – Kindy to year 12 – School Curriculum
  2. Maths Doctor assessment to identify knowledge Gaps 4 grades lower than current grade
  3. Reward system –students earn points and buy prizes – movie tickets, computer games etc.
  4. 90 min weekly lesson plan to fill gaps and revise – lesson plan fills gaps from lowest grade.
  5. 10 Hrs/week one to one phone based tutor support for all kids in your family
  6. Weekly performance report of kids emailed to parents

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