The School Donation Program

Kinetic has partnered with the Australian Association of Maths Teachers ( AAMT ) to drive the “you can do maths” program.

The AAMT feel that the level of numeracy has dropped significantly in Australia and this campaign represents their effort to encourage students to learn maths irrespective of the profession they want to choose in life.

To complement this effort Kinetic donates about 5 programs entirely free to schools in a certain area every year.

The donation is worth more than $ 10,000.

STEP 1 – Your  school accepts our donation

STEP 2  – As part of the agreement,  a letter is sent by the principal to each child’s parent .

The letter format is the same for every school. It informs parents it is not recommending the program, however the school will be  using our Maths and English wiz, and if parents are interested they can request a home demonstration of the program by filling in the accompanying request form and sending it back to the school.

STEP 3 – The school receives a package giving installation instructions and the log in details within about 2 weeks.

STEP 4 – Every Year another letter is sent out to the parents, and the school continues to use the program for free.

Primary schools can get the Kindy to year 8 Maths and English programme.

High Schools can get Year 3 to Year 12  Maths and English programme and Year 11 and Year 12 Science programme.


The program is web based, in Maths and English, from  Kindy to Year 12.   There are 1,800 lessons and 27,000 questions.  Lessons are specific to each State’s curriculum.

Three levels of log-ins can be created

  • Administrator –  Creates classes attaches students and teachers to classes and creates log ins for everyone.
  • Teacher – Sets homework and teaches lessons
  • Students- revise lessons and do classwork/homework. Are able to switch to any level.

Students can access the system between 9 am and 5 pm. Teachers can access the system at any time. Each lesson is followed by questions which can be attempted by the students.

We will Provide:

  • The Installation Guide and Technical support to install the software.
  • Training – We will train one teacher to use the program effectively and assist your technical/IT team in installing the program.
  • Updates – Updates to lessons and software.

Use the enquiry form on the top right side of this page to enquire about this program.