Book a free assessment

Please contact me for a free Maths and English Assessment - on all our kids and a home demo

One of our education consultants will contact you and arrange for a OBLIGATION FREE  home visit.

When they visit

  • They will do an assessment on  all your kids to identify educational needs
  • Demonstrate the program
  • Get your kids to work on the program so you can  see
    1. If they like it, and
    2. If the program is suitable for them
  • Discuss a tailor made program for each of your kids and discuss payment options.
  • Explain all the changes to the school system that have been frustrating you ,  the job market, university requirements and answer all other questions you may have.

At the end of the visit even if you do no enrol your kids you will still end up

  • Having a clear idea about where your kids stand with regards to the rest of the kids in their class
  • Clear idea about the current school environment  and
  • Options available to you to address any educational needs your kids may