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Tutoring Wiz is a Distributor for Kinetic Education's Math English And Science Wiz

Tutoring Wiz is a distributor for The Maths English and Science Wiz programs developed by Kinetic Education in 1989. It was developed by Australian parents for their son John who had an ear infection and missed a term in school.

After tuition and after school studies failed to help, the Dad took some lessons from John’s curriculum and made a computer program which was interactive and fun to use. John took to it like a duck to water and his grades improved in a very short time. Teachers were amazed and took permissions from John’s parents to provide the program to other struggling kids. These kids showed improvement in a short period of time as well. Seeing this improvement John’s parents decided to provide this to all kids in Australia.

Currently Maths English And Science Wiz includes every single lesson taught in schools and is very specific to each State’s curriculum.

The Maths Doctor is a cutting edge online assessment tool which can help identify knowledge gaps or missing foundational building blocks. Maths Doctor uses artificial intelligence to identify knowledge gaps four grades lower than current grade. Parents receive a report with a list of knowledge gaps . This process now becomes very different to tutoring as we focus only on the knowledge gaps instead of learning all lessons so one can progress. Again through this process students are able to move to lower grades to fill gaps and build their foundation.

I have seen in the last few years many students who were struggling and desperate for some support really improve by using this program. We at Cressel Software firmly believe that a student can reach their full potential by committing to use this program for just 20 minutes every day or 30 minutes 3 times a week.

Immanuel Selvaraj
Managing Director