Joint venture with the Australian Association of Maths Teachers (AAMT)

Kinetic Education and the AAMT have joined forces in a campaign to help kids feel good about learning maths.

“The ‘You Can Do Maths’ campaign encourages all young people, and their families, to appreciate the important role mathematics plays in many careers and everyday life. And it is not only useful; mathematics is interesting and enjoyable. I hope you find this website informative and encouraging because You Can Do Maths!”

Judy Anderson,

AAMT President

You may have seen the Community Service Announcements on TV or visited the website –www.youcandomaths.com.au

The TV campaign highlights the importance of maths in society today and youcandomaths website featuress interviews about how Australians are using mathematics on an everyday basis, in all sorts of careers.

“Kinetic Education shows a commitment to building children’s confidence in their Maths, and that is something the AAMT sees as very important to any student’s progress.

If you think that an on-line program might be good for your child, the Kinetic materials are worth looking at.”

Will Morony,

AAMT Executive Officer