Does your child have learning difficulties or mild learning disabilities?

Do you live in a remote area and want to access tutoring from home?

The Kinetic Education Program

  • 60,000 students enrolled in Australia
  • 29,000 questions and 1,800 lessons
  • Maths Doctor to identify knowledge gaps
  • Tutor support, homework support, monitoring and monthly reports
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The Tutoring Wiz Approach
Step 1:

1Kids take a 30 to 45 min online test on Maths Doctor.   Maths Doctor assesses and identifies a student’s knowledge gap four grades lower than current grade.

Step 2:
Identify Gaps

2Three reports are generated instantly and sent to your email on completion. The reports give a comprehensive list of all knowledge gaps. (View samples here)

Step 3:
Fill Gaps

3Activities and a lesson plan are created to fill the gaps. Students may move to lower grades to fill foundational or knowledge gaps.

Step 4:
Repeat Steps  1-3 Annually

4The three steps are repeated annually to fill new gaps that may appear as kids move to higher kids. When a student moves to a higher grade, they learn new lessons and new gaps may appear – you identify these gaps typically in December before the long holidays – you then fill the gaps before moving to a higher grade in January.

Kinetic Education System Overview